Litesa is a young company. Founded in 1992,it started modestly by manufacturing industrial paraffin rolls for the textile industry at the beginning of 1993, at first by outsourcing the production of paraffin rolls and rings while keeping exclusivity of raw materials and formulas.

After this initial stage, the next objective was to develop an integrated activity. The new venue for production was located in a key industrial area of the Buenos Aires Conurbation: the district of Gral. San Martin. 1995 saw the opening of manufacturing operations on our own premises, with Schlafhorst, Murata, Fadis and Lessona moulding machines to make rolls and rings for spinning and coning machines . Markets responded on the spot.

1999 witnessed a remarkable boom in Litesa’s commercial activity as the company extended it organizational concerns to Basf Argentina’s line of auxiliary and sizing products, thus becoming the chief vendor of the whole line of sizing products and textile waxes in Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay. Its production in sustained rise, Litesa soon reached leading position as chief supplier of sizing products, waxes and paraffin rolls in the domestic textile market, which led to a third move , this time to the district of Tres de Febrero, in the year 2000. However, our international projections were still encumbered by serious difficulties derived from overwhelmingly unfavourable cost structures until the year 2001.

Among the aims pursued by Litesa’s board of directors, exportation has always been a priority, and it was in 2003 that we finally succeeded in starting exports to Brazil, Cuba, Paraguay and Peru. The same year saw the realization of another of our objectives as we started building and operating a full- scale laboratory for the analysis of yarns, sizing and waxing, an achievement which demanded two painstaking years of investment in the purchase and assemblage of laboratory materials as well as in staff training.

Growth has not been the only assessment criterion for measuring these last years’ achievements. One of our most essential goals at Litesa – and one of our most effective strategies- is the permanent search for excellence in quality and service. This is highlighted by the attainment in August 2007 of ISO 9001- 2000 certification, currently ISO 9001/2008.

We also decided to incorporate the continuous search for productivity improvement, as part of our company strategy . As of 2008, we began to incorporate very important technological advances in our facilities, a goal we reached in 2011 through the incorporation and automation of a new line of mixing and packaging for powder products, the incorporation and redistribution of paraffin- molding machines with their in- service improvements, and the incorporation of a high- production mixing system in the line of liquid products.

In 2015, with the addition of an automatic palletizer, we improved the presentation of our powdered products and increased productivity. And in 2016 with the addition of a new electric forklift (the second) we improved the loading and unloading times of merchandise. Finally, the year 2017 ends with large investments in our research and development laboratory, with the incorporation of two state-of-the-art microscopes and a new dynamometer.

Unfortunately in 2016 we had finished the production of paraffin rollers for market reasons. In search of new opportunities, that same year we sealed a strategic alliance with the Zeller & Gmelin of Germany. This company is a world leader in the production of lubricants for the industry in general, which allowed us to increase our product portfolio and to offer the textile market specific lubricants for this industry. And aksi be able to offer lubricants to other industries.

To sum up, Litesa is a youngcompany which reinvests a considerable income proportion in the development of new products and the improvement of product quality and productivity. Our ultimate goal is to remain at the lead of the textile market as a synonym of quality and innovation.